dinsdag 27 april 2010

Where good ideas rest

I love the variety of shelfs! ... my favorits are the "hat and cloak" shelf and the tomade bookshelf.
The last picture is beautiful. I wish I could remember where I got the picture from! ... lovely idea for a bathroom ... Some pople think open cupboards are messy ... but what about that first picture! It's art! ...

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Shelves hold such promise, don't you think?

    Check out the shelves on my post yesterday- laden with colorful sheets of glass for mosaics.

  2. Love the last one. A little bit whimsical and a little bit Wabi Sabi.

  3. How wonderful creative! Love the first one, the one with the books and furnitures and the ladder one espescially! Have a lovely week-end! Laila

  4. Mooie foto's en prachtige ideetjes!!
    Veronique, ik heb je een award gegeven. Zie mijn laatste post!