vrijdag 11 april 2014


I love the random look of the uploaded facebook pictures ... sometimes you can spend hours creating the right crop. These are snapshots of the little FB squares. I love them.

Men at work ...

Mixture of pure and crafty table building.

Details, green apple and red tulip stand out ....

The straight and modern look.

At work again ...

Outside shots ... one of our very first pierre tables. Slightly different than the current version.
Love the character of this one.

Homy mixture ...

What we do ...

La douce france ...

Need to know more of one of these tiny pictures .... viste our facbook page for more updates.


zondag 30 maart 2014

Vintage rings

Vintage engagement rings - earrings - antique jewler shop in antwerp. Love the retro ring boxes. Original Company typography.

I just love these vintage rings And earrings ...

Where have the been , who once was wearing them and dazzeled everybody ?


dinsdag 25 maart 2014

Desiree trestle table in Greece

Love this setting ...
Desiree looks great in Greece


Kloostertafel - eiken eettafel op maat

zaterdag 1 maart 2014

LEON TABLE - with turned legs

Table leon with turned legs
Custom sizes goes up to 5 meters, with extra legs in between.
Available in weathered grey oak, bleached oak or painted white oak.

More photo's coming soon in natural finish.
This prototype residents our apartment in Antwerp.