woensdag 13 januari 2010


Impassioned by furniture from the past, as well as natural materials, we, at Malvini create our own, contemporary furniture.
All our furniture is produced in our own workshop and is manufactured from massive wood, according to the classical method of furniture making.

Models are still drawn by hand, on scale, in order to achieve ideal proportions. Malvini only uses functional constructions, not ornamental ones.

Malvini prefers working with natural, hard-wearing materials, which give the furniture a rich and timeless look.

Each massive piece of furniture is sold in its natural and original state. The purpose is to give your furniture its very own history and to let time and circumstance deal with the process of weathering. In order to guarantee authenticity our furniture is branded.

Our furniture is used in modern interiors (as contrast) and of course timeless country interiors

A wave of natural and rough products has cought the eye of decorators and interior designers aswell as craftmanship!

Malvini is a Belgian product.

trestle table: henrie

monastery table - table monastere - kloostertafel: Julien

vigneron-winetable: olivia

monastery table - kloostertafel - table monastere: desirée

Cracks and knotts give every oak table it's own identity.

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