donderdag 21 januari 2010

Recycled Tire Collection: Tade Pays du Levant

Don't you just love the appearance of the Tade Pays du Levant collection.
Our interest particularly goes out to the recyled tyre collection. Mainly because it goes so well with blank oak and our collection.
Also because of it's rough appearance and the tought that it is recycled makes it even more attractive. Nevertheless it holds some kind of elegance. Don't you think?

From the comfortable and practical stools, cut and hand sewn from used tyres to the woodbaskets, penholders, soapdiches etc ...

About Tade:
Tade Pays du Levant works directly with craftsmen, giving priority to traditional skills and choosing 100% natural raw
materials, resulting in quality products.

Rugged, stylish and green. This basket and bucket are made from recycled rubber tires - a seriously good looking reuse of utilitarian material. The shape of these two oversized vessels is what really elevates them to something special - slightly exotic and surprisingly elegant. We agree with the photo stylist that these are perfect for firewood...

Use: Basket: woodbasket, laundrybasket, your everything basket,

Just enjoy ...

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deze post maakt me hebberig :)

dank voor je fijne bericht op mijn blog!


Oei ... ik ben redelijk nieuw op bloggger ... een comment ... nice!