zondag 21 maart 2010

something white

This book caught my eye on something white, and I'm ordering it this minute!

The simple home is calm and uncluttered, with each item carefully chosen. Mark and Sally Bailey believe that good design means furniture and decoration that is useful, durable and honest. In the first part of the book, they explore calm Colors, Zen-inspired simplicity, and reclaimed or ethically sourced Materials, while Craft embraces the artisan's skill. Comfort means cozy textiles and warm wood, while tips from the Natural Cleaning chapter will nurture your home. Furniture is often multi-functional, and Curating Your Home looks at arranging your cherished collections. The Baileys then turn to Simple Spaces, showing you how to create welcoming Entrances, versatile Cooking and Eating spaces, Living Rooms with a great mix of personal items and adaptable furniture, soothing Bedrooms and tranquil Bathrooms. Finally they cover furnish Work Rooms with rescued desks and fittings.

Simple Home: Calm Spaces for Comfortable Living
By Mark Bailey & Sally Bailey
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Then visite something white ...
and discover so many beautiful pure interior ideas.

Love the Tolix chairs!

Love the Ypsilon chairs!

Love the Butterfly chairs ...!

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Something White zei

Heel hartelijk dank voor deze mooie ´hommage´, dat waardeer ik zeer! Maar tegelijkertijd maken je woorden me verlegen, omdat ik niet professioneel met wonen/inrichten/antiek bezig ben en er daarentegen zoveel mooie blogs daarover te vinden zijn. Dankjewel voor deze aandacht en fijne geste.

Charlotta Ward zei

Thank you for introducing me to these beautiful books! Needless to say my Swedish self was excited to see you feature that second book with Scandinavian design.. :)

Both books are beautiful and go straight to my wishing list.



I allllready orderd my books ... 5 in total! I'm soooo looking forward to receiving them. Love scandinavian design!
veronique x