woensdag 17 maart 2010

Tolix Old and New

I love the old and used tolix chairs!
The new ones are nice too,
but you've got to admit ...
why by new ones if you can buy them twice as expensive,
with a little history ... :)

Oldies: buy them at

::: New :::

New: and

There are many post about tolix chairs.
One more can't hurt!
The product is sold, basic and pure ...
They look great in combination with blank oak ...
a small winetable or a big flemmish dining table!
As shown in bodie and fou!
Then again, "en Provence" france, everything looks great!


PS: The Tolix logo is soooo powerfull!

2 opmerkingen:

Greet zei

Hi Veronique,
The Tolix chairs are awesome!! So beautiful around that oak table in the first picture!!

Something White zei

Wij zijn ook fan van industrieel design en vorig jaar hebben we een paar mooie oude Tolix-stoelen kunnen kopen. Inderdaad wat prijziger dan de nieuwe exemplaren, maar zoveel mooier en met meer flair dan de nieuwe uitgaves :)
Uw link ben ik trouwens via-via tegengekomen en volg graag uw site!
Beste groeten,