woensdag 7 april 2010

Bedrock & Zomerlust

These cabans was build by my grantfather early fifties, from orange cases and isolated with newspapers from that eara! There were two, bedrock And zomerlust. Only one has survived, zomerlust. Recycling is from every age!

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Greet zei

Hi Veronique,
The cabans are wonderful! And that one of them survived is super!
I have a cabinet that is made from my grandfather that I would'nt miss ever! These are family treisures isn't it?


Inderdaad! En als je dan weet dat het andere huisje door de natuur opgeslorpt (letterlijk) is, dan besef je hoe vergankelijk alles is. First bedrock was hit by à tree, the little roof caved and downhill it went from thereone. Snifff and that cabine was my mothers. Hè built it for her and het friends . They listend to Paul Anka records they played on à portable record player while being young. We need to restore zomerlust but when ... That's THE question.