zondag 11 april 2010


My books have arrived! A few pages before i go to sleep And I'm of for à good nights rest! I like simple home, fleamarket style and recycled homes the best!

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Modern Country zei

Hi Veronique!

I wanted to thank you warmly for your lovely message in my blog, and also for giwing me an award!! Thank you so very very much. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, don`t you also love the springtime?? The books looks very Interesting, I can tell you that I recently bought "Simple Home", and I love it already!!

Have a very good week,


Carte Blanche zei

Die boeken van de Baileys zijn inderdaad altijd interessant en mooi, maar de Trocmé-werken daarentegen spreken mij ook minder aan. Goede keuzes! :)
Beste groeten, Marjolijn