zondag 4 april 2010

Beautiful Blogger Part 2

So here's part 2 of the creative blogger award give by Charlotta Ward!

10 things I adore (other than THE ten I loooove thé most) :

1/robert doisneau

2/constant permeke

3/mont martre

4/ Ceramics by charlotte storrs

5/ Olivia Table (Geert made this and I fell in love)

6/ New York

Reviste NY is on our to do list!
Visted NY with my sister in 2002.

Pictures of our trip. The hottest summer we ever expierenced.


From my trip to Cuba (again with my sister)

8/ L'Isle sur la Sorgue

So nice to visite ... crowded but the river is a nutraliser

9/ Wood and it's structure (and smell!)

"trees" too ofcourse, before they are cut down,
to be imortalised by skilled craftsmen.


10/ This expression and graphic display of it.

art by dear colleen

...................................................... OUR AWARDS GO TO

And here is my list of blogs I follow and read daily and find very inspirational
  1. Vintage
  2. White Plate
  3. Vosges Paris
  4. White and Shabby
  5. Body & Fou
  6. villa d'esta
  7. Belgian Pearls
  8. Modern Country
  9. Pure
  10. Red Ticking
Thanks for being there!


7 opmerkingen:

jade zei

Happy Easter, dear Veronique!!! And thank you so much for your lovely words and the award!!!!! Your pictures are sooo beautiful - love your blog!!!!! Have a wonderful evening,

Hugs Jade

franca@villadesta zei

Dank je wel voor deze award!!!
Altijd leuk om te horen dat je graag gelezen wordt :)
Hartelijke groet, Franca

Greet zei

Dank je wel voor deze award!!
Als ik nog even de tijd vind in de loop van de volgende dagen zal ik nog enkele dingen opnoemen over mezelf!
Op dit moment heb ik het nogal druk maar ik probeer er wat tijd voor uit te trekken!
Tot schrijvens!
PS Je post over Constant Permeke was super!

Charlotta Ward zei

What a lovely list Veronique - I truly enjoyed reading about your 10 favourite things.
I am so with you on wood, photography, Greet's lovely works.. and to climb the steps of Mont Martre and then sit on top of the hill near Sacre Coeur and watch Paris light up at night is one of my favourite things whilst in Paris. That area is so tangibly full or artistic spirit!

Thank you for sharing - so nice to get to know you better.


Carolina zei

Hoi Veronique,

Dank je wel voor deze award!!
Wat leuk en ik ben vereerd!!
Ik zal er binnenkort een post over maken!!

Groetjes Carolina

vosges paris zei

awww thanks I am flattered being mentioned in your list
thanks so much.
I will add a link towards your blog on my site
I really love your banner very cool!

Liska zei

Thank you very very much! :-)