vrijdag 7 mei 2010


1 Family history - life with Marie & Geert trough good and bad days

2 Smell of Meiklokjes

3 Central park snooze in New York

4 Smell of provence France

5 Shape of cyprestrees in Tuscany

6 Typography

7 Well used Wood (being handeld by geert & his father :) )

8 Warmth of Sunrays on my face

9 Blue skies with small sheepish clouds (when you fly above them) as if you could walk on th clouds!

10 Rainbows and the wondering where they start or begin?

This was some homework!
But thinking about the things that make me happy, made me happy!
So I'm guessing, I'm happy
Thanks for the award Greet.

1 opmerking:

Charlotta Ward zei

How lovely to read this list and learn more about you!
I agree with so many things you mentioned and believe it is the simple things in life that gives it the silver lining.

xx Charlotta