donderdag 13 mei 2010

Olivia Wintable

Meet our Olivia Wintable. I think I already did a post about our precious v-shaped vigneron, but these are new pictures.
Next to marie (s-shaped vigneron:here), Olivia is slighty rougher and more basic and has a grayish finnish. In contrast to Olivia, our Marie has a white/blank look.
I don't have a favorit, but sometimes, depending on my mood, Olivia wins ...

Olivia also has the advantage of being polyvalent. It can be used in contemporay interiors and in the country lifestyle spirit. Both Olivia and marie (and the rest of our collection) are made of oak.

Oak has been a favorite amoung carpenters since centuries. Many made and created the finest of furniture and they endoured time and severe weatherconditions. Furniture that has stood through barbarisme and that has been forgotten. Some pieces resting on our ancestors attic and some are hiding in a barn underneath a layer of rustique farmlife dust: tables, bences, chairs, stools, unidentified ornaments, etc ... Mainly made from the finest of Europeanen types of wood, our beloved oak. You won't find them in teak though? These days teak has replaced oak. But has it? There was a time early mid '90's that we though everthing we laid our eyes on was made out of teak. The odeur was everywhere. Stronger and better for outdoor use was said. Mmmm give me an oak weathered table, I have to hose down every once in a while and I'm simply in outdoor heaven. Let cracks come and let it become a bit grayisch. That's nature, so pure ...

I'm not totaly against teak, I just had it.
Hope I'm not offending anyone!

Have a wonderful weekend and lets hope for some sun!!

PS: Pine also needs some credit! ... next on our to do list, "Pine Vigneron", ...
looking for a name for this baby!
I'm considering a scandinavion name with a french origin :)

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Beautiful table design.