dinsdag 1 juni 2010

BLC INTERIORS: mix of organic and solid forms

Although the weather wasn't that great, the openhouse at BLC's was so worth the visit!
Perfect mix of organic and solid forms.

Augustin Cubes with black cushions by Malvini

Cushions by the softworld

Metal frame table 70 x 70 by Malvini

Ceramics by Mud Australia

Lovely decoration by BLC Interiors ...

Metal frame table 70 x 70 by Malvini

Handblown glasswear on silver tray resting on Malvini winetable

Twisted wood!! Sidtable with belgian bluestone by Malvini

Henrie Trestle table by Malvini as desk.

Decorative fabric spheres ... information BLC!

Visit BLC Interiors for more information about anything you see in this post.

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Charlotta Ward zei

It looks like it certainly was!! What treasures.. Did you walk home empty handed? I would have found it impossible.. :)

Happy mid week to you lovely!

x Charlotta