zondag 6 juni 2010


A city appartment in antwerp.

Livingroom: love the chairs ... and the horse

Family heritage ... note the wedding pictures!

Small bench

Little private room, with huge woodcut mirror (original glass!)

Royal Boch China (NOT COMPELTE) ...very proud of the transistor radio.

Kitchen lights up thanks to daylight provided by mother nature and velux!

Breadbox, tin containers, frames and high maintenance calender!
Always forgetting to change the date is a routine.

Hallway with small bench and favorit magazines.

Someone's missing a hand and a finger.

Marie's ducky ... (horsie above)

Wooden frame (rough oak painted white) with picture on top.

Slightly injured vase (not to be seen from this angle ofcourse)

Nightstand and lecture

View from bathroom

Shower (antracite tiles) and some green ...

View from appartement (Boerentoren)

View from appartement (St Jacob)

View from appartement (Central Station)

View from appartement (street)

Finaly ready for covering the entire roof!! ...

Now you have a small idea where we live ...

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Greet zei

Wonderful! Now I know! The view to the Boerentoren I know very well, because I studied in Antwerp for one year, looonnng ago!! I saw the Boerentoren from the window of my "kot"!!!

Irene b zei

oh my god! Is this your apartmente? I kove it! And we have the same book near the bed...But the thing I'm really in love with the round wine table! I love it? Is it your work "malvini"?love from florence


Hi Florence,
yes it's our kot=appartment, :) , still in progress though! Then again belgians are allways rebuilding. The winetable is made bij us indeed. We have two versions Marie & Olivia. Thanks for loving It!!
Greeting veronique

Something White zei

Wat een prachtig uitzicht hebben jullie daar! Hoe hoog zitten jullie wel?? Schitterend gewoon, met hart en ziel in de wolken... :D
Grappig genoeg hadden mijn ouders vroeger precies zulke stoelen/zetels als in je eerste foto. Bij hun was de stof van beige fluweel, maar ook met zo´n ´dikke´ zitting. Jullie kleine dochter is al aardig gegroeid sinds de foto die je me stuurde... :)
Van harte, Marjolijn

Something White zei

Beige - groenig beige...

Miss Baptista zei

Gezellig appartement,
had echt niet gedacht dat je een stadsmens zou zijn !



Ik ben in hart en nieren een country girl! Ooit gaan we terug!! Echt maar deze fase is ook fijn, we hebben nog wel wat werk in ons nest!