zaterdag 12 juni 2010

Postcard Bench Laura and Esther giveaway in disguise

Now I have a question:
And there is something attached to it.

I found this postcard on a fleamarket, it shows a woman on a bench, and the card says "Room for one more, Wish you were here." If you turn the card, you can read a message, and this is what intrigues me the most ... now I have a lot of imagination, I'm testing yours.

Send me your story ...

What's in it for you, the most beautiful, original or most appealing story (if you happen to know the real storry even better) receives a little bench ... not a miniature one of the bench on the front (wich would be cute I admit) ... but the one you can see here: it's really tiny ... therefor it's easy to sent by mail! ...
You can spread the word ... if you want ... I want lot's of story's ...
Who are Laura and Esther?

Here's the card, hope you can read it well:

Have fun ...

I have no idea how I will pick the winner, if you make me cry, you won ... just kidding. I'll put them in a jar and pick one ... kidding ... I'll figure it out later, you just have to trust me.
At the end of the month, I'll anounce the winner.
I'll post-(publish with your approval) your story on our blog.


3 opmerkingen:

lia zei

Moeilijk.....Laura het vriendinnetje van Esther is verhuisd en ze daar verdrietig om. En ze wil haar gaan halen zodat ze weer lekker samen kunnen zijn.

Je vraagt wel veel van ons hoor...ik kom nog eens even kijken wat er nog meer voor verhalen komen. Maar die oude kaarten hebben wel iets heel bijzonders.

fijn weekend, lia

Miss Baptista zei

Waar blijven al die geweldige verhalen toch ????


Misschien zijn ze hele pagina's aan het neertypen, of ze weten niet dat er een pakje aan verbonden is ... denk dat Laura en Esther hulp nodig hebben ...