zaterdag 21 augustus 2010

Monastery table desiree - Farmhouse Table

This monastery table (table monastere) has beautifull well proportioned renaissance leggs.
No coloring was used to obtain the gray look ...

cracks and knotts give so much life, andare like a fingerprint ... yes that's me table!

Love the chrome contrast of the chairs next to the grayish look of the table.

NDL: Bij Malvini kan u ambachtelijk gemaakte eiken tafels vinden zoals: kloostertafels met bijpassende bank, salontafels, sidetables, wijntafels, bijzettafels, schraagtafels, consoles e. a..
FR: Chez malvini vous trouvez des tables monastères bien proportionées en chêne, tables vignerons, tables tréteaux, tables basses, etc ...


Impassioned by furniture from the past, as well as natural materials, we, at Malvini create our own, contemporary furniture.

All our furniture is produced in our own workshop and is manufactured from massive wood, according to the classical method of furniture making.

Models are still drawn by hand, on scale, in order to achieve ideal proportions. Malvini only uses functional constructions, not ornamental ones.
Malvini can offer you several classical pieces, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Malvini prefers working with natural, hard-wearing materials, which give the furniture a rich and timeless look.

In order to guarantee authenticity our furniture is branded.

More than 15 years of experience are evident in every aspect and every detail.

Malvini is specialized in manufacturing oak tables such as:  monastery tables with matching benches, coffee tables, wine tasting tables, side tables, trestle tables etc.

Our tables fit prefectly in lodges, chalets, Dachas or country homes. But also they can be perfecty used in contempory dining rooms.

Malvini is a Belgian product. Meaning: Designed in, made in and shipped from Belgium.

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