zaterdag 4 september 2010

Quote stirring sticks

Beech spoons with jute string.

Lenght: 14,5 cm
3 Spoons

These quote stirring sticks are perfect to pass a message to your loved one early in the morning. Or maybe, you just need to read "have a nice day" when he has allready left for work.

Sent me your line and get your own message spoon ... don't make it to long though, its only 14 cm long and not a book! ...

The beech has been prewashed before pressing the typo to avoid typo collapsing.

Perfect for handtrown ceramics.
Also works perfect in your homemade jam!

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It's me zei

Ik vind ze superrrr leuk !! nog nooit gezien.....fijne avond liefs Ria....