donderdag 11 november 2010


The candle cube has smooth sides and bottom, in contrast the top which is very rough.
When the candles are lit, the structure of the wood is accentuated by the light ... a joy for the eye.

I love watching dancing flames in a fireplace ... and adore the warmth.

We don't have a fireplace.
But when I light up all my cubes (all 8 of them), I create my own little inferno ...

The cubes are available in different hights.
You can put them together ... or maybe you just need one.
The candleholders are 12 x 12
Full massive oak (what else)
for classic tealigts only ...

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G-style zei

I assume I can write in dutch because I read one of your posts in dutch language, if not, do tell me......

Bedankt voor je reacties op mijn blog, en echt als je klein genoeg was, mocht je een keer in het vogelkooitje overnachten.......

nou wie weet tot een volgende keer, hartelijke groet van Gea

G-style zei
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