donderdag 16 december 2010

Felixpakhuis etc

A while ago, a friend and I subscribed for a small fair "Marktje van 't schoon leven", ... located in the Felixpakhuis (in Antwerp).

With one trestle table, a few Augustin cubes and some wonderful kelims (my best friend brought me from Morroco) I hung around in one of the most extraordinary locations in Antwerp and this for an entire day ...
I was in such awe ... this building is just gorgeous. I loved the walls, the floors, and colorpallet ...

I enjoyed a latte .... a coffee ... another latte ... coffee ... behind our Henrie trestle table, ... the first time ever I enjoyed sitting behind one of our tables, I never get the chance to sit at one of them. :(
So you can imagine, I had a great time ... perfect location and enjoying Geerts work.

Now ... very important:
Have brunch at the living in the felixpakhuis ... you have to make a reservation!! I think I'm up for a reservation very soon!

More about the felixpakhuis:
I'm not going to write about the history of this architectural wonder : you can read it here.

Geert and I snooped around a while ago, on one of our anual well organized events of the year: "Open Monumenten Dag" ... the perfect chance to meet some of our wonders.

Bonapartedok .... close toooooo ... MAS!
Opening soon, and so close to our home.

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