woensdag 12 oktober 2011

L'amandier via Robert Deniau

Have a look at this wonderful site:
and l'école de cuisine with chef Denis Fétisson...

looks like so much well organised fun and delight.

lovely structured golden plates, on a Desiree table top

Again well chosen chairs ... white, goes so well against the grayish wood.
Ecole de cuisine in action.

Or visite "La Boutique De L'Amandier"

Beautiful collections show here.

Henrie trestle table.

48 Avenue Jean-Charles Mallet
06250 Mougins

Notre restaurant est situé dans le cœur historique de Mougins.
Réservation : 04 93 90 00 91
Restaurant ouvert 6j/7

Horaires d'ouverture de la boutique :
tous les jours (sauf le mercredi et le jeudi) de 11h à 19h

All images: ©2011 photographies par Franck Follet
visite Franck's stunning site here


All this well orchestrated interior spendor is of the hands of Robert Deniau

robert deniau
bureau d'études - architecture - décoration
Show room
11 rue Honoré Henry - 06250 Mougins Village - France
Tél. : +33 4 93 75 30 14
Mobile : +33 6 09 95 89 15

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Greet zei

How nice to see that one of your tables is standing there! I do know the restaurant L'amandier!! I love to eat there! It is delicious food and so wonderful to sit there!!