vrijdag 10 mei 2013

Dining table Desiree at home in Switserland

Made for a wonderful person. Hope this familly will have many well deserved happy dining moments.
Desiree looks at home in this gorgeous interior.

No need to explain ourselves. But we went trough a rather dificult period. It began last year somewhere around the time our son Henri was born (August 2012)...
Our boy is a healthy and joyful baby ... He bares the name of his dearly departed grandfather, master craftsman. Who after a long and painfull illness passed away last month. It was an emotional journey, that first struck our familly around newyear 2012, when we were notified of his condition.
"I'm sorry I can't do anything for you", to these words Geert's dad, ill als he was simply replied to his attending specialist " you can't perform magic" Ever so understanding and goodhearted ...

If only we had a magic want !

We've made many delays ... But of all the delays in the world ... The person who this table belongs to, I wish to thank. If you schould read this ... " thank you for your trust and your kindness"

Love Geert & veronique

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