donderdag 6 februari 2014


Just a week ago I discovered a wonderful site. 
That of interior decorator Nicky Dobree 

Being on the interior design site, I got curious about the button below that said: ferme de moudon. Clicked it and fell in love ...

Now tell me ... first image ... breathtaking. 
Look at that fairytail picture.

Eye for detail ...

Not only a winter treat ... when you visite in summertime, 

this is what you experience.

Company Philosophy

"Our guests have often worked hard to earn their holiday, and we are honoured that they have chosen to spend it with us. We led the way in providing luxury in the Alps and from the beginning we have wanted to create lasting, wonderful memories for us and our guests, memories that will be treasured for life. The comments left in our guest book, is confirmation that we are doing this and it makes what we do such a worthwhile pleasure. There are too few really magical places in the world, we are blessed that Ferme de Moudon is one of them. Sharing that special place with amazing people, and creating a team that delivers outstanding service, has been one of the most fulfilling achievements of our lives." James and Nicky Dobree

All senses and service to dream about.

Ferme de Moudon

25 Lansdowne Gardens
London SW8 2EQ

Telephone +44 (0)207 627 0469      

If you would like to get in contact with ferme de moudon ... 
just go to their site and explore ... 
explore and explore ... 

all images © nicky dobree

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