maandag 18 juli 2011


A few years ago ... we attentend a open air fair:

It was located on the wonderful provical domain Pulhof.

Together with Dorien of the wonderful bed and breakfast Moka and Vanille, we had a great & unique experience.

I stumbled upon some pictures of our 3 days ...

Decorated by moka projects (all accessories)

Augustin Cubes

Vigeron Lisette

Trestel table Henrie (btw named after Geert's Father)

Both our logo's screenprinted on canvas

We had rain, we had sun ... we were in Belgium ...

about the weather ...

If you haven't visited Dorien's bed and breakfast, do so.
Limburg has some sort of micro climat, so the weather up there is better than anywhere else. ... so go and get yourself pampered. :)

Love this Bilitis inspiring picture.
This is where breakfast is served ...

PS: We will go pretty soon ...

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Greet zei

Heel mooie foto's! Doe je dit nooit meer, op een beurs staan Veronique?