maandag 18 juli 2011

Natural Sharing Award

With this post I wish to thank Greet Lefèvre, author of Belgian Pearls.

Sharing is something that should come natural in a very competitive world.

If you don't have, you don't have it. Like children, either they do or they don't.

Greet your sharing comes so naturaly and has been quite a support, and I think I'm not the only one who states this.

So ...

I've made a small logo and named it "Natuaral Sharing Award" ...

You are the first to receive it ...

here it is:

Thank you for your honsesty ...


1 opmerking:

Greet zei

Dear Veronique,
What a wonderful initiave of you!I was so surprised to read this and I feel very very honored!! Thank you so much! I am so agree with you, that in this competitive world we have to help each other.I know that if we do that it will be good for everyone of us!
Thank you my friend! I so appreciate it a lot!!